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2014-06-05 12:19:58
Leo Samama

Dear Friends, I want to congratulate you with your succes in Osaka! And I do hope that one day you will perform my Grand Quatuor again (or even record it) as you did so marvelously a few years ago at the Orlando Festival. With best wishes, Leo Samama

2014-04-10 19:44:00
Markus and Barbara

Dear Arcadia Quartet, for many years our main musical interest is string quartet, as listeners and players. We visited the London String Quartet Competition 2012, not only the finale. When we heard your Beethoven 59/2, after e few bars it was obvious to us that this was the most outstanding and musically convincing performance of the whole week. This was half an hour of really making music together, more than just a technically brilliant performance. Forthermore, and this is even more important: It was true Beethoven, and we are happy that also the Jury took this into account when giving you the first price. Many congratulations! You are on the very right way. We hope to see you in future in Munich. Warm regards!

2014-04-03 13:06:00
Michael Sendtner

Congratulation to the great success at the London String Quartett competition at Wigmore Hall! This was such an excellent Mendelssohn performance, simply breath-taking ! I hope very much to hear you soon again in Germany !

2014-02-27 11:14:05
Gerhard Henning (Velbert-Langenberg)

Two weeks ago I saw and heard you at your Sülfeld-concert. It was an unforgettable event for all of us in the audience. Mozart, Beethoven and the famous Schubert "Der Tod und das Mädchen" - and at the end Bartok "Romanian Folksdances"!!!I wanted to thank you once more for your concert and sent a mail to the adress of Ana and Rasvan, but both mails were returned. So I chose this way to contact you and - by this means give an advice to the readers of my comment: Even if you have to drive hundreds of miles to a concert of the Arcadia Quartet: The effort is worth it!

2014-01-09 10:46:45
Irina Voiculescu

Just heard you on BBC Radio 3 with your beautiful rendition of Janacek's "Kreutzer Sonata". I had very much enjoyed your concert in Oxford in 2013. I look forward to following your future performances.

2013-09-15 18:03:45
Alastair and Libby Aberdare

We loved hearing you play at the Esterhazy Palace in Hungary, and thought your performances of Haydn, Mendelssohn and Bartok were magnificent: no doubt Haydn would have approved. We have since been enjoying the Mendelssohn again on your CD - although the live performance was even better!Sadly we can't come to your Wigmore Hall concert on 3 November (we have tickets for LSO Berlioz events at the Barbican all day), and I don't know whether tickets will be available for the schools' concert on 6 November. But we hope your UK tour goes really well, and that we shall have many other opportunities to catch up with you in future.All the best, and thank you for a lovely concert in a perfect setting.

2013-04-13 10:57:17
Oliver Ticciati

I have just had the privilege of listening to you playing Schubert’s Quartettsatz and Beethoven’s Op 131 at the Wigmore Hall. I thought you were colossal. You blended so wonderfully that one might have supposed that all your instruments had been made by the same hand. It was a delight to see how beautifully you handed the musical baton from player to player and how no-one who had an important part was ever swamped. It was also a delight to discover early on that your second violin makes every bit as convincing a sound as your first violin. I hope you were enjoying playing as much as you seemed to be. You certainly managed to convey a sense of joy to your audience. I also hope you will return to the Wigmore Hall soon.

2012-08-15 21:53:25
Joan MacDonald

Dear Rasvan, When you come to Scotland in November 2013, you will perform in Aberdeen in our Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts season. In November every year there is a very big festival in the North East of Scotland, which is called " SOUND" festival of New Music. Your concert for us and for Woodend Barn near Aberdeen will be part of that festival, and so we must have at least one contemporary work included in the programme. Can you be thinking which of the contemporary works in your repertoire you would like to play - obviously we may not know it at all, but you should choose a work that you really enjoy playing, and not too " wayout " and atonal. We'll be in touch again quite soon. Best wishes to you all, Joan MacDonald

2012-04-26 17:15:00
Ahilya Noone

Dear Arcadia Quartet, Congratulatoins on winning the London String Quartet Competition! The president of our music club came to the finals of the competition at the Wigmore Hall on April 1st and enjoyed your performance very much. We are very keen for the quartet to play for us when it tours Scotland and are in touch with the Wigmore Hall to try and organize this. I know that many other clubs are interested in having you play for them. We are really looking forward to a concert from you. Do you have a repertoir list to share with us? Ahilya Noone Glasgow

2012-04-08 18:29:29
Joan MacDonald

I was fortunate to be in the audience a week ago for the final of the London competition, and I enjoyed your beautiful playing of the Mendelssohn. It made me wish I could have heard your other performances in the competition.I am hoping that you will be able to come to Scotland to give concerts at some of our Music Clubs/Societies during our 13/14 season. Many congratulations !

2011-08-08 18:07:00

Last week we were on holliday in the South of Holland and I saw an advertisement of your concert in Vaals. On thursday evening I went there on my bike and I didn't know what to expect. The evening started with Shubert's kwartettensatz. I was flabberghasted! What a beautifull music and how well performed. Such a unity in playing, intensity, beauty. Afterwards I enjoyed The piece of Ravel. Totally different but also magnificent. I want to thank you all the four of You. The music you played so beautiful gave me new energy.Music changes Man

2011-05-15 11:34:00
Friedemann, Viola

Watched your video of Beethoven's 18,4 on youtube very often and it is really great! Since then I've been looking for news about you. Now I finally hope to see you on June 25th in Edenkoben/Germany.

2011-04-13 00:42:00
anneke van brakel

And Antony (see below) probably didn't know you just played Beethoven's opus 131 so beautiful at 5 pm:) Dear members of my favourite stringquartet, I miss you already and hope to see you 4 next year at Rolduc!!! Thanks again,Anneke

2011-03-20 21:20:00
Anca, Romania

A wonderful afternoon of music at Mogosoaia Palace, in company of Enescu and Bartók. Thank you!

2011-02-06 01:00:00
Aksel Haanes, Norway/Sweden

I just bought your Mendelssohn/Brahms record - superb! You are ready for a Bartok album! - or anything! I'll be watching out.

2010-07-31 21:38:00
anneke van brakel

Thanks for all the beautiful quartets you 4 performed at Rolduc. I was very impressed and just read that you will be there next year also:) I'm very happy! Stay together!!! I'll miss the lovely smiles om your faces.

2010-06-22 16:26:00
Shang-Wu Wu (Pacific Quartet Vienna)

Hi, guys. how are you doing? I am the 2. violin from Pacific Quartet Vienna. We meet each other last year in ISA. maybe you remember my quartet. your website is cool! i like it. hope you get more and more concerts in the world and maybe we meet each other some day.